Elizabeth A. Wilson

Elizabeth A. Wilson e.a.wilson@emory.edu
Professor of Women's Studies

Elizabeth Wilson is trained in psychology and has been working in women’s, gender and sexuality studies since 1995. Her research explores how biology, particularly the neurosciences, might be used to break new conceptual ground for feminist and queer theory.  She also has research interests in psychoanalytic theory.  She has recently completed a project (Gut Feminism) on pharmaceutical theories of depression, biomedical data about the gut, and feminist theories of the body.  She has co-edited a special issue of the journal differences (volume 26, number 1) with Robyn Wiegman called “Queer Theory Without Antinormativity.”  She is working with Adam Frank (University of British Columbia) on an introduction to the affect theory of Silvan Tomkins.  She is the author of Neural Geographies: Feminism and the Microstructure of Cognition (Routledge 1998), Psychosomatic: Feminism and the Neurological Body (Duke 2004) andAffect and Artificial Intelligence (University of Washington 2010).