Kate Winskell

Kate Winskell swinske@sph.emory.edu
Visiting Assistant Professor, Hubert Department of Global Health, Rollins School of Public Health, and Assistant Director, Center for Health, Culture and Society

Kate Winskell is a cultural historian and global health communication specialist. Her research focuses on HIV/AIDS and youth in Africa. She teaches courses on gender, sexuality and global health, global health communication, and HIV/AIDS. She and her husband co-manage the Scenarios from Africa HIV/AIDS communication process, which they initiated with African colleagues in 1996. This program involves the production of short films about HIV/AIDS based on creative ideas thought up by young Africans. The films, by leading African directors, are widely broadcast across Africa and used as an educational resource at community level. To date, over 145,000 young people from 47 African countries have taken part in contests inviting them to submit storylines for the films. The process has generated a unique archive of over 55,000 stories about AIDS written by young Africans over a 12-year period. Winskell's current NIH-funded research is analyzing samples from the Scenarios from Africa archive.