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"Strange Relations"

"Queer is a continuing moment, movement, motive - recurrent, eddying, troublant. The word 'queer' itself means across - it comes from the Indo-European root -twerkw, which also yields the German quer (transverse), Latin torquere (to twist), English athwart ... The immemorial current that queer represents is antiseparatist as it is antiassimilationist. Keenly, it is relational and strange."  
- Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

Keynote Speaker: Lauren Berlant (University of Chicago) author of Cruel Optimism (2011) and The Female Complaint (2008)


"Queer" is perhaps a constitutionally relational term. Whether it is (among many possible definitions) a mode of critique, a sexual identity or the refusal thereof, or an opposition to hetero- and other forms of normativity, "queer" moves across knowledges, acts, identities, groups, norms and institutions. The aim of this conference is to explore the ways in which "queer" can continue to highlight strange relations that challenge received understandings of texts, sex and politics.

As recent interventions in queer theory continue to question the centrality sex as a primary locus of critical engagement, relationality has emerged as an alternative node of heuristic inquiry. With this in mind, "Strange Relations" will feature a wide-range of panels that explore the potential of relationality to both enrich ongoing conversations in queer scholarship and to provoke new discussions and debates. 

Directions and Accessibility:

For building locations please refer to:

Please note that all student panels are in the Few Hall Multipurpose Room and the keynote address is in White Hall 208.

Emory has several visitor parking lots available. Please refer to the following website to find the most convenient parking deck for you:

Peavine, Oxford and Fishburne are closest to the event locations. Peavine is closest to Few Hall. Oxford and Fishburne are closest to White Hall.

Few Hall is a very accessible space. As last year's conference organizers noted, it's a newer building with accessible entrances, restrooms, and other interior spaces, and it has been designed with chemical sensitivities in mind. It can also be reached by taking the Route D Shuttle from the shelter area in front of Peavine North (see the Emory map) -- just ask the driver to drop you off at the corner of Eagle Row and Asbury Circle. The shuttles are wheelchair friendly. From that intersection, follow the sidewalk to the right and Few Hall will be on the right. We encourage folks for whom walking up a steep hill may be difficult to take the shuttle.

Please contact the conference organizers at about any accessibility needs.

If specific accommodations are needed owing to a disability or chronic medical condition, contact the Office of Access, Disability Services and Resources at 404/727-9877 voice or 404/712-2049 TDD.